August 13, 2022

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 New Update – Fortnite OG Update! (Scar & Pump, Motorcycle, Trailer!)

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35 thoughts on “Fortnite OG Update! (Scar & Pump, Trailer, Motorcycle!)

  1. Hope you’re doing well rusher. Watched since that first survival series you had on minecraft. Such a great youtuber. Best of luck buddy

  2. really surprised they never did a 007 collab with the classic turn and shoot emote……or at least a skin of Jonesy or midas in a full tux.

  3. Hi camping rusher
    I wanted to shout out to all content creators to ask and let you all know that I've been having alot of game crashes on my xbox. game just decides to stops mid game or if I'm going back to lobby it has happened several times now and I'm currently reinstalling the game, if you can help get the message out incase others are having same issue. thank you as always for the great content you post out. look forward to your next video.

  4. I know you probably get lots of messages but today is my son's 9th birthday and he loves to watch your videos. Can you wish him a happy birthday, his name is Conner.

  5. Camping Rusher,

    You do great work, my friend.

    You’re honest and consistent.

    TheCampingRusher = creator code in the item shop.

    I know you want The Scythe version. Help us get it in the Battle Pass.

    No one is excited about the gold, silver, teal variant this year. Bring back Fortnite old-school progressive skins.

    Tip of the hat to Kooomar & FireMonkey.
    BenjyFishy, go enjoy. Appreciate the memories.


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