October 4, 2022

Fortnite All Week 12 Challenges Guide – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 – How to Complete All Week 12 Challenges (Epic & Legendary)! If you’ve completed all of your Epic Quests, you can unlock Shadow Superman tomorrow! Support a creator code: PerfectScore (#ad).

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40 thoughts on “Fortnite All Week 12 Challenges Guide Epic and Legendary Quests

  1. Timestamps! Keep in mind that the EPIC and WILD WEEK Quests will not be available until tomorrow!

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    My Support a Creator Code: PerfectScore (#ad)

    Legendary Quests

    0:00 – Get Slone's Orders from a Payphone (1)

    0:21 – Craft a Weapon with Alien Nanites (1)

    1:11 – Destroy Target Dummies with IO Weapons (4)

    2:21 – Search for Books on Explosions (2)

    3:10 – Deploy Scanners in the Alien Biome (2)

    3:45 – Collect Three Alien Devices, Then Activate the Countermeasure Device Underneath Corny Complex (4)

    Epic Quests

    5:04 – Deal Damage to Saucers Piloted by Opponents (300)

    5:44 – Deliver a Saucer to Rick Sanchez at Defiant Dish (1)

    6:16 – Deal Damage to Opponents with Alien Weapons (150)

    6:55 – Deal Damage with an Alien Parasite Attached (150)

    7:40 – Purchase from Vending Machines (3)

    8:01 – Search Ammo Boxes at Dirty Docks (5)

    8:56 – Hunt Wildlife (3)

    Wild Week Quests

    9:58 – Deal Damage within 20 Seconds of Gliding in Solos, Duos, Trios, or Squads (15,000)

  2. Its just bullshit that theres no more alien artifacts! you cant no longer just simply go and collect them, no, you need to find a cosmic chest that spawns randomly on the map, wait for your friends, and then when you actually manage to open the chest, you just get some shitty loot and like 1 alien artifact. my only active epic friend always quits right before i have the right amount of alien artifacts to unlock kymera styles. theres like only 1 and a half week left until season 8 and im not going to be able to complete it without my epic friend who pretty much never plays. they should have just introduced gold alien artifacts or made it so cosmic chests give more alien artifacts or just given out more weekly alien artifacts! thanks to epics stupid ideas and decisions, im not going to be able to complete my kymera skin!

  3. To everyone with at LEAST 50 Epic Quests:
    You have Shadow Superman!
    Epic lowered the requested ´levels to : 10/20/30/40/50 Epic Quests needed to unlock the goodies!

  4. For everyone that’s at 76/84 epic quests for shadow superman don’t worry we will get in week 13 cuz week 12 + week 13 = 14 epic quests which will bring us at 91 epic quests in total so we could get superman around half of week 13 challenges ( I probably made no sense but hopefully u all understood and would not have to worry about that style)

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