October 2, 2022

Clash of Clans 10th Anniversary Challenges are Live! Kenny Jo provides a brief back story on Clash of Clans in 2014 and a detailed breakdown of How to 3 Star 2014 Challenge. Today’s CoC Anniversary Challenge is probably very easy for most experienced CoC players, but make sure you subscribe for More CoC 10th Anniversary Challenge Tutorials!

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48 thoughts on “Easily 3 Star 2014 TH10 LaLo Challenge (Clash of Clans)

  1. Do everything the same up till your queen is popped.
    Next, spam loons and all 4 hounds at the lowest corner with a rage spell.
    Next drop a rage spell on top of the hidden Tesla and use your dono troops with all wizards.
    Clean up with minions

  2. I played Clash right after they released this update. I didn't even know that clans were fairy new and people didn't know what army strategies to use in war lmao.

  3. PLEASE BE HONEST – we're you able to read this base and formulate this 3 start strategy and execute it the 1st try. I love the help but I would appreciate it if you could share how you came up with this strategy.

  4. They didn’t make a lot of stuff time accurate. Lightning doesn’t damage buildings, goblins can loot the town hall, etc. they just give you the attacks against villages from around the time period

  5. Man you are not taking your th14 f2p series seriously
    I used to follow that series from th11. You did a pretty god job in th12 soo many videos(100+ video) but in th13 you made us disappointed just 12 videos .
    Honestly it was fun to watch your every ep of th12 but th13 series got boring I appreciate your hard work and hope you dont mess th14 series

  6. I'm not really good at using my brain cells so i just use both my heroes to get two air defenses at the top and put the lightning on the enemy queen then deploy everything and rage through the air defenses 🤣

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