July 3, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Drumroll Vs. Terminator | Fortnite Weapon Comparison

  1. Dude… I have both drumroll and terminator. The terminator does more damage and magazine size. Wtf was “you hit 100 out of 163”? Dude I hit all my shots.

  2. 200 malachite please, i need malachite quite badly as i have friends who can craft me good malachite weapons because my schematics are pretty bad. My xbox gt is jus1852 and my epic games is also jus1852

  3. 200 Malachite, I’m going on to 3 star weapons anytime now and this would help a lot. I still plan to finish Plankerton and get to an area I have a constant source of malachite first but this will give me a large boost along the way! Keep up the videos!

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