July 4, 2022

38 thoughts on “DMZ – The New Call of Duty MW2 Tarkov Mode

  1. i dont see how it would work, cod hasnt made a decent cod game since world at war and i think if they tried to do anything new they wouldn't know what to do. tarkov is great fun if you can get into it but it plays completely different to cod

  2. You titled this video "DMZ – The New Call of Duty MW2 Tarkov Mode" and then spoke about it for 3 out of 13 minutes where the rest was MW gameplay?

  3. I really would be happy about this… alot of my peeps are on console so if i could play a tarkov style game with the boys would be sick lol.

  4. I'm guessing that the Tarkov mode is really being worked on, but it'll be a Season update we'll after MW2, and the Wz2 launches. So they don't want to talk about it because it's probably early stages.

  5. I think CODs one downfall with warzone and possibly DMZ is that they feel the need to release a new version every few years. Fortnite is still super popular. I couldn’t image how people would act if the decided to scrap that and make Fortnite 2. It makes no sense to make a warzone 2 when warzone is already fine just needs a revamp a little

  6. is markman trying to build the game he wants to finish his carreer with imagine 2090 markman still playing this game he secretly created an we all still watching the gameplay

  7. Personally I’ve never played tarkov but it reminds me of a game called scum that’s hyper realistic, so much hype for it then after a while it’s just such a chore, Video games are video games and who doesn’t want cool movement and epic looking guns!

  8. Disagree there is definitely a good amount of people that plays hard-core game mode. It's that everything cod makes is for core game mode and not hard-core, look at the history of cod

  9. Listen up people 🤦‍♂️ COD could never come close with as lazy and unbalanced all their games are. THAT IS A FACT. EFT is a tough game and the community that loves it including myself, loves the grind and the balancing the DEVS do for the game. BATTLESTATE GAMES has an amazing anti-cheat system with players getting banned right after a raid. Unlike COD who wants people to keep buying microtransactions and playing which is why they dont stop cheaters as well and their anti-cheat is no where near as good. Nobody and i mean NOBODY would leave EFT for a simple COD wannabe unbalanced version😂😂 COD is just plain simple with no advanced mechanics and VERY UNBALANCED. Marksman knows nothing about the EFT community clearly and it has been obvious for years that Call of Duty is simple and for simple minded players who are too lazy to get into something harder and takes time to learn and grind. They could never come close to Tarkov mechanics, the balance of guns and gameplay, the grind, or the economy & MOST DEFINITELY NOT THE LOOT SYSTEM 🤡 People clearly dont know why people love Tarkov and keeps them coming back to the game. It is actually sad that COD has way more money and access to an engine to do something great but will NEVER come close to Tarkov or its success when making this DMZ mode… a lazy wannabe and not even a quarter of what EFT is. Because COD copies and pastes every year because it gets them their revenue🤡🤡🤡 Also most EFT players dont touch COD these days its a boring run and gun and they arent getting better. People should want something that is worth playing for years and fun and harder and with dope gund and mechanics… like COD trying to attempt thid is just gonna flop trust me.

  10. lol I'm on console so I have zero idea what tarkov is but I hope the DMZ mode is something new and exciting and i hope it sticks and gives cod another route for content. MW NEEDS to revive MP viewership …

  11. I agree with literally everything you said. COD cannot make a DMZ mode and just offer xp as the reward. We are tired of just getting xp. Let us build out a small HQ like you said and maybe collect items that will help us in future situations but keep it simpler and high risk high reward scenarios.

  12. So what you're saying is, is that with people with extensive military backgrounds or civilians that have a very indepth knowledge of firearms and other ancillary equipment will be able to wipe the floor with you wanna be SOF aim ASSist larping couch potatoes? I say keep it that way…

  13. Unironically, the closest thing we have to a simplified tarkov is fortnite, with the tents that store weapons and consumables and the new reality plant that gives people weapons, the longer you wait for the plant to grow, the better the loot

  14. So what if u grind it out for crates and keys or something along the lines of that kinda like cs go, and out those crates u get very cool camos or skins or maybe other stuff too like u said but they make on there site or where ever a market place that u can sell or trade for either 1 real money and of course call of duty takes a percentage of the sale so there making money and so is everyone else or maybe not even real money just things in the game

  15. maybe it should level up guns faster, like double exp type stuff – double exp, its own gun camo and operators, it could really pop off, a benefit from it alot so a similar style of game where you loot and keep your guns, could be balance with wipes and everything, similar to rust style game play too on have daily event drop like cargo or shipment and have pieces of every map, at that point it pretty much becomes it own game cause as far as most of its favorite maps throughout the call of duty, it prob be alot bigger of a game then it should be

  16. I have a feeling its not even gonna be a half assed tarkov mode, Im guessing its gonna be a half assed warzone mode using the same map or sections of it. But thats me keeping me hopes low to save me from disappointment

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