August 10, 2022

45 thoughts on “Complete Trickshot Challenges at Jumpman Zone! – Fortnite Jumpman Trickshot Challenges Guide

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  2. Dude I was having troubles with all the challenges everytime I make a shot the ball bounces off the hoop as if there's a invisible wall blocking the hoop to prevent the ball from going through

  3. This challenge was cancer.
    I only did it because I bought the skin and the quests were time limited.
    Does that mean if I didn't do them I'd never be able to unlock the additional styles?

    Cheers for vid

  4. I had no problem getting through all of the trick shot rooms until I got to the one where they combined everything and then there’s that last part where you have to speed run/jump across those pylons and I can never get to that second one no matter how quickly I jump to the first.
    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, it’s so frustrating I literally almost threw my controller across the room and then decided to quit for now and try later.
    I regret even getting the skins at this point, I feel obligated to unlock the rest of the stuff and I’m only still trying because my daughter wants them…
    I’m hating this big-time. Fortnite is not supposed to be this irritating…

  5. This game really turned to garbage, lmao you pay about $20 for a skin then have to waste hours of your time doing dumb challenges that aren’t even related to the game at all. Garbage

  6. These maps are truly some of the worst creative maps I’ve ever seen, I’m getting pretty sick of me being forced to do stupid mini games not even made by epic so I can unlock styles to skins I’ve already parted with my hard earned money for (I know technically the battlepass does this every season but I enjoy the BR)

    The original Jordan skins, Harley, the metal mask set, the one you made us do zone wars for and now this honestly epic give it a rest just make some challenges within the BR so I don’t have to be on this janky mess you call “fun”

  7. finally someone actually shows the challenges instead of how to get to the creative map, i just need help on the very last one…these challenges are terrible

  8. DONT DO THE JUMPMAN QUEST, me and my friends were doing them and we leveled up and made progress in the quest. And out of nowhere it kicked us out the game and sent us to lobby. It took our levels and progress away! Dont do it
    Theres alot of problems with the JUMPMAN quest.
    These are the dumbest quest and maps ever invented!

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