July 3, 2022

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35 thoughts on “COD Pros Answer: Why Aren’t Atlanta FaZe More Popular?

  1. Nobody likes faze because of cellium cheating and the rest of faze defending him. They also don't have any personality besides alec

  2. If it wasn't for Nade none of this would be even half of what it is. I was never a Nade or Optic fan in his time but the fact he isn't mentioned here when talking about Optics success is crazy. That guy built it and then handed it off to Scump.

  3. OpTic was just a decade ahead of everyone else tbh, like the content u see teams start to do now is what OpTic has been doing for the past 10 years. They were the only team that put themselves out there for fans to see

  4. There are several things that made optic
    Like, all players that touched optic had great personalities and were funny af, the content, having such a great owner, great production team, partners, having seth, karma, porter, nadeshot, all the tournaments wins and the ring, the times that the team had bounced back from disappointments, its just work from all the people that touched the org, hecz and the whole company knew how to get things done and how to mantain the name, brick by brick literally.

  5. If the Org doesnt need them to do content for additional revenue then one less thing to do. But Merk definately has no read on the players. It only was a couple months ago that the FaZe guys were complaining on twitter about not being popular and being villains. But regardless, it isnt neccassary.

  6. Faze don’t know how to lose that’s the problem they are robots and sore losers arcitys not even shaking hands after their last loss dirtbag move they have no personality and losing to la was the biggest dick slap to them you love a good slice of humble pie

  7. Optic is popular regardless of whether are at the top or not. But now almost every match is rooting against faze whether it be Seattle LAG Rokkr. Only time I’ve seen faze get cheered is me Atlanta home series and somewhat cw champs

  8. It’s nade and scump and hecz bottom line. And then Al the people who came after and helped build it. bottom line more content from all the other teams would help. End of the day these are pro players people would love to watch videos from just about any of them because of their insight

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