October 4, 2022

Call of Duty Mobile Zombies is coming back!

This video I talk about the release date of the COD Mobile Zombies gamemode. The classic call of duty mobile zombies gamemode will make a return before the release of warzone mobile.


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39 thoughts on “COD Mobile ZOMBIES Returns… (UPDATE)

  1. As he didn't read the whole community update. Both games will still be up at the same time, they aren't going to pull devs from CODM to go to WZM they will be 2 separate teams but still both Activision of course.


  2. They should move to wm when it's time but keep zombies permanently even if it doesn't meet their expectations their will always be people eventually looking to play it

  3. They keep saying they will bring zombies back but at this point I won't believe it until it actully gets added back into the game cause It was the reason I left the game completely and unless zombies comes back the game is dead to me which would suck considering I've easily dropped 7000 plus into the game

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