December 6, 2022

25 thoughts on “COD is RIPPING OFF TARKOV!

  1. I've learned that when companies say "we're innovating" it really means "we're blatantly copying minor elements of other more successful games with minor changes and selling it unfinished for full price"

    This appears to be no exception

  2. I wish people would stop making "a tarkov like mode" and just say that they're making something completely new. It's so fucking cringe cause it reminds me whenever people used to play a hard game and just said "ITZ DARKSOULZ BUT WITH *insert completely different concept here."
    Truth is, it's probably gonna be nothing like tarkov, they'd have to balance the shit out of every single gun for people to even play it…… And COD has a horrible track record of balancing guns.

  3. And fortnight is pubg and apex all devs use good game ideas it’s great for development we get better and better game and new games that’s good no one wants to play the same game forever

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