August 13, 2022

Clash of Clans 10th Anniversary! Become a FOUNDING member of the channel and get perks and SPECIAL privileges: …

22 thoughts on “Clash of Clans 10th Anniversary is COMING!!

  1. been watching for 3 years man. The best thing about your videos. Is YOUR COMMENTARY! It makes it so interesting and it's soothing to listen to your voice!

  2. Keeping my expectations low for the 10th anniversary, that way I won’t be disappointed when the day comes and we only get a 4x star bonus and event challenge base

  3. Hi Galadon
    Long time subscriber, first time posting a comment.
    Love your content and thank you.
    A suggestion.
    My clansman (and mate) has been playing for many years and has been keeping each of the "rewards". Just wondering if you've seen any other players that have the same?
    Clan- Dank Strudel
    Player- NovaCATX

  4. Life lessons along with Clash because of your wiseness and maturity, that's what I love the most, never stop doing what you're doing, be motivated we are with you, you're helping a lot of people by doing so, cheers!

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