July 4, 2022

Capital Gold FOR FREE for the Clan Capital (Clash of Clans)

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22 thoughts on “Capital Gold FOR FREE for the Clan Capital (Clash of Clans)

  1. Thanks Itzu, no one in our clan knew about the free 2600 loot; busy with CWL so know one has learned the new world. Not likely to make it to 50K in time.

  2. Hi Itzu. Quick question. When you do raids the capital gold you gain does it go in your personal account and then you can spend it as you wish at the end of the weekend raids or is it more like an amount that you have to spend specifically in the clan? Meaning you get 100k capital gold well it belongs to the clan not 100k/40 let's say for 40 atta king people so each player would get 2500 capital gold to spend how and where they want to? Thanks!

  3. Thanks for this information, I did not know there was a practice attack and I just used it to get 2k cg and I donated it to my clan’s capital hall

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