December 6, 2022

Direct visual comparison of the recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (BETA) and the previous game by Infinity Ward, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

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41 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Beta) vs Modern Warfare (2019) | Direct Comparison

  1. one of the biggest differences i could tell but couldnt put my finger on was the wear and tear on the guns or lack there of in mw2022. Hit it right on the head with the guns feeling more sterile in 2022. Thats something i liked in mw2019

  2. I believe the difference in the were and tear was because this game is meant to be more special ops so the weapons aren’t being used on a front line so there not beaten and battered by your average grunts these ones revive a lot more care

  3. Just remember we won’t be able to have a proper comparison until the game comes out due to the beta not having the option to download the high quality texture packs. I personally think the game looks amazing and plays really well the only thing that could of been different is to use newer models instead of being lazy and reusing models from the previous MW

  4. The M4A1 in both games are different weapons

    MW 2019's M4A1 is a Colt 933 that resembles that of the MK18 while MIIW's M4A1 is just a full auto AR-15

  5. tbh when I look at it like this I don't notice much difference to modern warefare 2019. Some things look a little better, some things worse.

    Of course it's new and it seems to me like a new champion in league of legends. All are hyped, 2 weeks later already forgotten. Well, let's see how long this hype lasts, but I'll stick with MW 2019 for the time being.

  6. Tweaking one of the best looking games out there, can not be an easy job. You have to assume it's got to be harder every new game and trying to come up with a way to be innovative and not piss off the masses at the same time, is a feat! And I think it's pretty great so far.

  7. I really hope you can remove certain HUD elements, i dont need to know exactly when xXBooty_Clapper69Xx killed someone with an M4 and itd be cool to be able to hide the kill feed

  8. The artistic direction of lighting and textures and audio is far better and realistic in mw2019. Superior texture resolutions doesn't = better graphics. Hell the operators all look like they are getting ready for some sort of flamboyant showy airsoft match, it's a joke.

  9. I feel there's a huge change in responsiveness in MW2. It makes movement and aiming sluggish (like in Battlefield) and nobody is really talking about it. I played on Series X, so it shouldn't be a performance issue. Previously CODs had precision gameplay when aiming and shooting, while MW2 feels more like "shoot in this general area of your target and you'll hit something fatally". That's almost a deal-breaker to me, but I hope the final product is optimised in its core mechanics.

  10. Hate that so many guns have the same exact Iron sights in MW2. They added more customizability but at the cost of multiple unique weapons. Same issue that happened in Fallout 4.

  11. Worth noting the M4 in 2019 was based on a MK18 MOD 1 with an iconic Daniel Defense RIS II handguard (notice the lugs around where the handguard meets the reciever), an at the time extremely popular SF variant of the M4a1, while in MW2 its loosely based on the Giessel MK4, a German variant of the M4 that is popular for its use by federal goon squads like the FBI, CIA and some SWAT teams.

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