July 4, 2022

31 thoughts on “BETA Trailer | Call of Duty: Vanguard

  1. this isn’t historically accurate at all, don’t frame it that way you can’t rewrite history to be inclusive to everyone

  2. First of all alpha graphics looked better than beta, at least in the menu. Also game sound is awful. There's no footsteps, I mean nothing at all. Weapons sound cheap. I was expecting so much. Disappointed 😞
    Platform : ps4

  3. The maps in the Beta are awesome. Thanks for making interesting, detailed, multi level, large maps. Will you please give us more offline bot customization than Cold War? At least 9v9 (or 1 v 17) capability? The original MW had this, please do it!

  4. The likes must be either paid for, or people are really too blind, because this game is completely awful. It has literally nothing to do with WW2.

  5. Games are going backwards.. Can't wait to see COD stone age. And after two years when they release COD, characters will evolve back to chimps. Wow such an amazing idea. And in next 8 years release those games with minimal tweaks with new name. And we are all dumb we keep on buying at high price without complain even though Game developers doesn't have to spend a peny on digital copy distribution. No packaging cost, no transportation cost

  6. Call of duty I hope you see this please fix the game on Warzone and please make sure call of duty vanguard does not lag on Xbox because kids play Xbox one because families don’t have enough money to pick which one and which device and I’m asking you please make sure I called you vanguard does not like and please make sure Cody Warzone does not like and please make sure the challenges are easy please

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