October 6, 2022

44 thoughts on “Best ALC Controller Settings In Apex Legends Season 11 (NO RECOIL)

  1. Just switched to them and I already had good recoil control and aim I just needed a sens to be able to be faster with my movement and stuff, and this actually helped 🙏

  2. If you bring your ads pitch speed inline with the yaw you will find it much better i think. The offset speeds do some weird shit when youre trying to aim diagonally. I Also run 1-2-8 but i cant have the yaw speeds that fast for hip firing. A low yaw like 330 with 100 extra is great for hip fire.

  3. You can watch as many videos you want on settings at the end of the day whatever you’re comfortable with is all that matters and if you don’t practice it won’t make a difference

  4. People should understand that pErFeCt settings don't exist because we all different.. Controlling the recoil depends on your skills controlling it, your settings can't help that except you

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