October 4, 2022

39 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 – Update on my Drive Syndicate Progress – Spending SC on Mclaren 765 Packs

  1. sv 2 star 10/27 stuck at trust but verify 5 so at £17 for 5 prints £50 al need at least…this is criminal and shows that the pass and its extras are no good..tokens got used in here none for other event pack unrelated. its one big scam and needs ending come on you and me know whats been happening…im noshy the great. i have loads of evidence built over last 3 year. same crap last time stuck with the think citroen gt. dezir 2 star 640 roadster maxd already had it on 4 star mcL 765 3 star ..aventador sv 2 star 10/27 5 of them cost me £17 why are our governments letting the frog family take us for mugs..which i admit i am at moment.

  2. You'll need 4 stars to get out of McLaren phase. You'll need 5 stars to get pass the lambo phase. Get all the lambo blueprints you can BEFORE the price goes up, way up, and you might get past. My tushek is 5 stars and I won't get there. 😡
    Hope this helps if you wanna go, go, go in these final days

  3. Congrats on unlocking the 765LT! I believe you might need it around 3* to progress and the SVJ Roadster at 3-4* as well. The Tushek will be a difficult car to get since it was behind a paywall in the New Breed Rival season. I’ll try to get the SVJ Roadster at 1* so I wouldn’t worry about dishing out a lot of syndicate coins on it. I know the Tushek won’t happen if I have enough syndicate coins for its packs. Good luck with this DS and try to get as much rewards as possible. I’m looking forward for you to reach that 170 car milestone soon. 😉

  4. Well congrats you have the mclaren, I cleared the murcielago chapter but I ran out of syndicate coins. So I guess I will leave it just unlocked the murcielago, I will do the nsx car key hunt. My nsx gt3 is 4 stars, I nearly halfway through the 5 stars from 4 stars. I will soon earn the car key for the nsx, I think. Good luck though

  5. 3* McLaren is enough to complete this stage. More stars only if u want more coins per mission, or just want higher ranked car…. SVJ 4* is a minimum to progress further

  6. I'm kinda not sure if I should continue cause I spent tokens and I'm at the McLaren stage to where I need to three star the car but I'm already low on syndicate coins and I'm 6 blueprints away. The drop rates weren't so nice so I'm not sure if I should just do lower hazard level missions to hopefully get to the final 25k in hopes of getting those 6 blueprints or just farm those final coins and spend it on the dezir.

  7. I will probably stop at SVJ with one star, don’t have the tushek but now I have 3 more cars. I did have the other lambo maxed out. It was a fun SD this time around.
    You will need 3 star at least on all cars

  8. WOW! I spent like 300.000 syndicate coins for McLaren and still need just 1 card to reach 3*. As for a jack pots in my 4-year career with this game I only made it twice. That's how lousy my luck is with a drop rate. Hope you'll reach the last stage in syndicate. Fingers crossed madathanu!

  9. Sir before u waste your tokens or syndicate tokens..
    To unlock the Bugatti well
    U need this
    Dezir 2 Star
    Lamo 3 star
    MacLean 765lt 3 star
    Svj Roadster 4 Star
    Tushek 4 star as well
    And the last one Bugatti centodieci 3 star …
    And after that sir u will guarantee to unlock the car

  10. you are very lucky, i got 1 bp total 6 maybe 7 x10 packs. pinned missions are nightmare with this car, is better to play each pinned to correspond star, or else u are much faster from other car, and u cant get kd bonus. good luck.

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