December 6, 2022

17 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 – Summertime Speedrush Multiplayer – Kick Off Session – TouchDrive

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  2. I have a question – and apologies but it's a bit of a story:

    1. I want to get the Aperta (don't have an elite A class)

    2. I'm playing the Special Event but don't have the Merc SLR, the McLaren 570 or the Aventador J

    3. I have 28,000 tokens

    QUESTION: Is it better to spend tokens on the Summer Time Speed Rush to get the 3 above cars in order to try to get the Aperta for free? or should I get as many free BPs in the event until I can't progress, then buy the Aperta via featured car packs???

    I see in stage 25 of the event you need a 3950 rank to meet the condition. Does that mean a 3950 Aventador – or any car at 3950?

    Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. BOLz

  3. YES FINALLYYYYYYY! I can max my aperta i was stuck on 4 stars for a while. I don't know why but they never showed up on the ls for me, weird. Anyways I can gold it hopefully.

  4. It’s cool to see Gameloft bring back the Arperta SE. I might be able to gold mine from the SE since I’m mostly buying blueprints from the shop. I might try to gold some of the cars required to get a bit more garage rep and try to use it in MP. I did unlocked the V12 Speedster last night to finish up some missions and participate in the Veyron GS Vitesse. I’m not going for it, so I’ll just collect the credits and tokens for the Black Friday season. Good luck with the Bring the Heat season. 😉

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