December 6, 2022

45 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 – Season Missions – Comments on Episode 3 – Raging Bull Season

  1. This season is a 100% money grab. The missions, and the events you need to have the new cars at multiple stars even to play. I have no issue forking out $ to support the game. But, I draw the line when you need a second job to get the money to advance in the game. Last season you had to pay to get the highest rank car of the season, I didn't have an issue with that since I was still able to complete the season pass events and advance, this season was a waste of my money unless GL changes to allow more player to play the events.

  2. Well, tomorrow is today and no diablo gt car hunt, no free trial for required cars to complete season missions. I guess I was right to ask for a refund after buying the scummiest LP ever in the game.

  3. This legend pass is just too much. Spending a lot of tokens to star up a bunch of cars just to progress isn’t worth it. If it was the Countach LPI 800-4 SE going on with the required cars, would make sense. Now since my platform is a year behind on updates, I’m going to be facing players going for the Essenza and the SC20 keys in their GP probably at max stars. I don’t like they get the best cars in the game with the most difficult challenges to unlock it.

  4. I wasted my money buying bundle pack. Shouldn't have. This season is not worth it. I doubt I will buy the next pass as well coz i need to compensate for the money I wasted in this season.

    And this Miura is a waste car that cant even catch its ghost, every time I loose it. You have to do exactly same way, timings, brake, nitro ramps as your ghost if you wanna keep upto it. Why waste time and token in resetting ghost when the car is not good. Even if I had it in 5 stars, i doubt I would use it in any MP. The Arenera, H2 and Acura can easily take me through Silver league

  5. I’m pretty much checked out of this season, seems to be massively token heavy OR cash heavy. The choice seems to be pay or play 24/7//52/365 and hope things fall your way.

  6. I'm walking from the game. GL took my money for the LP and given fk all for it unless you're a huge dedicated veteran or a huge whale. GL could have pulled this season off but not at the expense of scamming its paying customers.

    I'm taking my money to a game that is more upfront on what I'm getting for what I spend.

  7. After I bought the pass I realized I made a mistake. I won’t be able to finish the pass this season due to I’ve only have a year in on the game so it is what it is at this point . Awesome video 🙂

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