August 13, 2022

Q1 of the Volkswagen W12 Coupe Grand Prix has Begun on Asphalt 9. I use touchdrive and want to be in Tier 3,4 or 5 for this GP. The Key is valuable and I would like to improve my chances of getting it.

23 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 – Q1 has Begun for the W12 Coupe Grand Prix – Tips for an Easier Group

  1. Well my group, someone has…… qualified for qualification round with records of 1:27:xxx, no one knows how they did even just one star or more 2 stars car, but I do know it will be challenging and I just hope not to win with a big margin, to keep the AI racers slow. Good luck though

  2. My group ran the best they can with 1 star🤣🤣🤣 unlucky me…. It will be hard to run bad to be in top… I think i should wait for q2 but always bad luck in q2…. They always ran better in q2

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