August 10, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 | Lamborghini Miura looper prix | Tier prediction Video

  1. Dang, that’s being more observant than I am ha ha. I bought my first 10 packs with keys and the very first card was the SC20 key. Still this season sucks for being a Lambo season.

  2. My garage lvl is 8 and i have 4k tokens and 4.5 M credits in just 26 days from when i started, but i want to collect 15k token and 15M credits….. Any suggestion? I do participate in special event, multiplayer and campaign but my clubs don't take part in season clash… And i don't spend money on legend of pass yet

  3. fair. i skip q1 cause i havent time to get good time i want to be tier 3, till now at tier 4 i was very unlucky,aways couple manuals higher star cars, and never ever got key from packs at 3rd place. btw you know if this car will need later at higher stars for clown fiasko prem pass key?

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