October 2, 2022

Seventh round of Jaguar XJ220S TWR Grand Prix. Hopefully this quick reference run will be enough to help you with improving your time. Good luck 🙂

Make sure to check out the test drive video of the MAX Jaguar XJ220S TWR:


16 thoughts on “ASPHALT 9 – JAGUAR XJ220S TWR GRAND PRIX GUIDE – ROUND 7 1* – 1:16.815

  1. Brooooo with your videos i got 235 points in total and position 3, tomorrow i will say if i got key or not (i am on tier or group 4, so im getting 10 packs)

  2. Glad that Im not only one for whom those fkin roll ramps dont roll. Physics bad as always. Seriously, this is one awful map.

    Thanks for tutorial, will see if I can do it at least 5s slower. 😀

  3. Noice, I stared up my jag to 3* and need 10 more bp to 3* my V12 speedster. 😀
    Will get 2* ultima from SE so I hope to unlock it.
    About 6k tokens spent so far, rip 2k tokens for relay for nothing but a bunch of trade coins. Not even a single useful bp

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