October 4, 2022

Asphalt 9: Legends (2018) – Playing on PC with a keyboard.

This is my RTG account. RTG = Road to Glory series where I will show every progress of my account.
Not F2P anymore since Season Passes were introduced.

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0:00 Dezir to 3 stars
1:56 Once is Happenstance 1
9:35 Once is Happenstance 2
16:35 Once is Happenstance 3
23:26 Once is Happenstance 4
24:59 Dezir to 4 stars
26:55 Buying Relay packs
27:25 Buying 4 Dezir…

21 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 | Drive Syndicate 5 – Once is Happenstance 1-6 | All Missions

  1. -"ONCE IS HAPPENSTANCE 5 MISSIONS" requires you to upgrade the Centodieci to the Regulated Level.

    Well, the Nitro Part won't work for me because I don't have I enough currency (the grayish circle with the dollar sign). When I click on that grayish circle, it takes me to the credits (the pentagon with an "A" inside). I click on the one for 7k credits but it only adds it to my credits (the golden semi-circle with a "C" in it).

    How am I supposed to get more Syndicate Coins? My group is currently ineligible for the clash because I lack at least 10 members. Each of those 10 needs at a Garage Level of 10 or higher. The "Buy Pack 500" for the "Syndicate Coins 1/5" won't help because I already spend too much with the real-world micro-transactions. Help, please.

  2. Hey Danny I’ve lost my club yesterday, so I need to join in another club, could you please teach me how to join in the other club that is more than 80000 repetition points

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