December 2, 2022

Crescent Moon Event run for a time of 01.06.1 and top 1% finish with Golden Lykan Hypersport on Cairo Backburner track. Instructions added.

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Device: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Sensitivity: 73%
Camera View: ACTION
Visual Quality Settings: Default
Intro / Outro: Canva…

11 thoughts on “Asphalt 9 | Crescent Moon | 1:06.1 | Top 1% | Backburner | Instructions

  1. Avatar by RVN? i mean its not a bad song but i did not expect you to pick it.. also on switch floatys are useless in the turns you did floaty switch players either have to gassless drift through or punch drift since floatys kill your speed drastically on switch..

  2. Any tip on doing punches on the end? I just can't get it right. If I understand correctly you have to:
    break, tilt, wait a little, single-nitro-break while holding tilt angle, wait a little, single-nitro-break while holding tilt angle

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