May 25, 2022

Apex Legends New Update Today & Vantage Abilities gameplay and her cosmetics that are listed for the legend as of now. The update will release at the normal time and include bug fixes for a number of issues that came with the 12.1 patch that was the Warriors Collection event with the Crypto heirloom. Then we will cover Vantage who was formally known as Hawk and her list of abilities from her passive, tactical and ultimate which will be a new form of recon legend.
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22 thoughts on “Apex Legends New Legend Vantage Abilities & Gameplay

  1. Yo where you get those other characters from this must be a different edition or sum i havent played since they dropped maggie but you got a WHOLE row of characters that i have never seen any updates trailers or anything for ive seen other utubers with a complete different set of characters where the yuck do i find this version of the game

  2. Do you think Vantage will be the next season after new castles?, due to new castle has emotes and everything and nearly most of his skins done and the second one to get customization is Vantage.

  3. I like these new passive being oriented around weapons. Really provides that character a Niche to fit in for certain types of players. If you like sniping, Vantage will be your best legend, like shotguns, Maggie is the way to go, etc. I hope they do more.

  4. Respawn is absolutely leading the industry in poor gameplay decision. Vantage looking pretty thick; if they release another fortified character instead of taking fortified out because it’s clearly cheating and unfair, I will not be surprised in the least. Still waiting for the fanboys, content creators, and “pros” to catch up to the obvious unfair advantage fortified inspires between accurate players.

  5. um a legend that is a fat so, suppose to be Legends – people you fear. Who is going to fear a fat so, she better be slow and and a terrible climber to fit her appearance. To that topic Wraith Five Foot nothing climbing faster than other Legends – please fix she should have a hard time climbing even if she is in shape. I can climb easy with Wraith but Mirage, Gibby, and Caustic most of the time they fail to climb have to make second attempts, wtf. Another WTF with Wraith climbs fast as fuk while phasing she is still only five feet nothing just cause your moving fast don't make you climb quicker, legs vs arm strength – females suck at climbing – please fix. IF Wraith tries to climb while phasing it should slow her phase down. Other words please actually nerf Wraith without buffing other traits of her kit. Nerf the shit out of Gibby as well. Time to change the Meta up – so tired of seeing the same legends in pro circuit lobbies. It's getting OLD…………..

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