August 13, 2022

Apex Legends In Game Look At New Olympus Map Change

In today’s video we go over an image showcasing what some of our season 12 olympus map changes might look like. This is mostly revolving around the skybox/environment and not changes to actual poi’s itself, and so we will have to wait until the season 12 launch or gameplay trailer comes out in order to see what exactly they are planning on doing. Either way it looks to be pretty awesome! Hope you enjoy 🙂

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47 thoughts on “Apex Legends In Game Look At New Olympus Map Change

  1. I'm glad they are bringing back Olympus. I'm so sick of World's Edge that I want to throw up. Ugly, garbage map. Just keep us on Storm Point and Olympus and leave it that way. I don't care how many streamers love World's Edge, it's a hideous map.

  2. When Olympus first released, the devs did talk about designing it with a puzzle style in mind so they could remove or rearrange POIs more freely

  3. Well on the Teasers and looks of olympus and what u said that the turbines might have been dmg and probably the new POI are construction sites fixing the turbines

  4. It would be cool if there was a forest in olympus,like if Maggie got mad with Olympus as a syndicate city, so she broke a few of the flying things, causing Olympus to lower, as well as putting just dirt and planting trees on the city

  5. THEORY: During the in game event / teaser, the main part of maggie's ship got phased to olympus where it crashed into the turbine or one of the outer motors that keeps the city afloat. Causing damage and the city to start to descend

  6. Another reason to love Olympus. The modular style of the city really helps them rotate new towns and structures around much easier, and the style of the map not only allows them to expand horizontally but also expand vertically. Which makes more playable areas.

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