October 4, 2022

New Legend Vantage is here to scope out the competition on a reforged Kings Canyon in Apex Legends: Hunted. Discover the …

34 thoughts on “Apex Legends: Hunted Gameplay Trailer

  1. With the damage🔥 that the ring🌐 causes now, it would be nice to have a future android legend, perhaps called "Ring Lord🤖" who has the ability:
    . Passive: 50 percent less ring damage received
    . Tactics: Create a small ring that damages allies and enemies
    . Ultimate: Sacrifice 25 percent health to generate a large circular ring that has Ring Lord as its center

  2. I love the part where revenant said: "I was born in the shadow's" while using his Ult only to be brought back and shot by five different team's waiting at the totem. Truly an apex experience

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