December 5, 2022

21 thoughts on “Apex Legends Has A MASSIVE PROBLEM!

  1. Why bro. Why did u talk about the deranking system. Now its here and it aint good the for the lower tier player. Also u know how stats said its easy to get to high tier ranks. Now its now impossible in season 13. It has no reward for kills or assists and only dictates placement and more rats. Man there should just be a balance of elimination points and placements points. And no demotion. Btw no hate ofc just expressing how bad the new rank system is and how they should revert back to old one.

  2. Last season Gold 3 with a lot of internet issues. This season Plat 4 and Gold 4. In the first split I had no internet issues. For the majority the second, I had literally no internet, so I couldn't really push for more.

  3. I'm master and last season I was diamond, I feel like this season grinding to master was hell easier than other seasons. The last season I tried to get to master but it was imposible to get there and now is just like playing in diamond

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