December 5, 2022

In this video today we’re gonna be going over how to improve your shotgun aim in Fortnite. About a month ago I made an aim tip video that was mainly focused on how to properly take advantage of aim assist. And at the end of that video, I asked you guys to share what specific aspect of aiming you most struggle with in Fortnite. So, I read over a bunch of those comments and probably the most common thing I saw, is that a lot of people struggle with shotgun aim specifically. And, I can totally…

46 thoughts on “ADVANCED Controller Fortnite Shotgun Aim Tutorial! (PS4/Xbox Fortnite Shotgun Tips)

  1. When i fail my shot i Change my sens EVERY TIME. I Know thats bad but i keep doing that.i play on 9x 8y sens and i hit my shots.but the Next day i switch it cuz i fail lots of shots. in 1 Fortnite season i change my sens like 50 Times.

  2. You earned my sub! I went from having a 20% chance of hitting a headshot to a 98% success rate with the “keep the crosshair head level” tip! I one tapped 2 kids in a match i just played. With a tac. Thats how good that tip is. Thank you so much!

    I also learned a tip for some people like me who cant hit jump shots! Shoot, then jump. Shoot, then jump. Works like a charm!

  3. For sure, I eat he's the whole video. I know that my AR and SMG game is ok, and its improving so I know that is getting better. But I'm still having trouble with my shotgun aiming. Either when the player moving and especially when the players jjumping. VCa you help me. I on console

  4. Play on the switch, casually. With both control sticks and gyro for mainly Y axis

    Definitely shotgun aim hardest. And tend to only use AR for most kills.

    Getting shotgun and building mixed together properly would make squad and solo a lot more enjoyable.

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