December 6, 2022

5 Tips To Gain HIGH FPS & LESS DELAY In Fortnite! (Do These Weekly)

In today’s video I showcase 5 maintenance tips you should do weekly to gain a huge FPS boost & Lower any input delay in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3. Be sure to try each one of these out and let me know in the comments if you have any maintenance tips..

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39 thoughts on “5 Tips To Gain HIGH FPS & LESS DELAY In Fortnite! (Do These Weekly)

  1. If you have any PC maintenance tips you'd like to share then please do! Let's all help each other keep our PC's in good shape so we can gain more fps

  2. Everything in this video is false deleting you temp files doesn’t do anything actually updating your pc degrades performance disk cleanup is basically useless your just cleaning storage anyway the only thing you can actually do is get professionally tweaked or go on a custom windows 10 iso like 21H1 or 21H2 malwarebyes causes more delay while being open so if you have it close it when faking unless you have good specs then it won’t really matter

  3. Hey everyone! I have a very useful tip for you guys. First open open up any brower that you use. Be mindful this might not work for some browsers like fire fox and mabye some others. Anyways, you open up your browser, go to settings and then go to system, then turn off "Continue running background apps when (your browser) is closed" This stops it from running in the backround and it TANKS your FPS. Try it out!

  4. guys can anyone help me i have a good pc but my fps isn’t doing well like it doesn’t go above 90 and i have this config
    rtx3050 4gb
    8gb ram
    i5 11400H
    i have an asus tuf f15 btw

  5. none of these do anything except possibly malwarebytes if u mindlessly install random applications
    %temp% are temp files that take up not even 1gb in total, drivers can have issues and some drivers are better then others in certain games, windows updates add more bloatware aswell

  6. is windows 10 or windows 11 better? i used to use windows 11 a few months ago but it would crash my stream and bring up errors when playing some games like valorant. I switched back to windows 10 but is windows 11 better

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