August 13, 2022

36 thoughts on “5 New Changes In CODM BattleRoyale Season 7 | CALL OF DUTY MOBILE

  1. this new update is fugly. As a free player I have no objective (for taking a custom weapon) anymore,cause all the weapon already there. Now it just search and k*ll without even looting. and why the hell they put a modern city in a jungle map? I use to running arround avoiding (strong) opponent and implementing Guerillas tactics. Now everyone is rushing into a dome and attack each other there. This isnt battle royale anymore,this become rumble.

  2. Dammnn! The New Vision city is full of high tier loot and can get Kinetic really easy. Also you got to check the loot of Bots! They have highest tier mods! Highest tier of Extended Magazine, Fast ADS and etc are easily obatained from them. We don't have to chase air drop to get mods. But haven't seen Sniper Expert and Long Barrel from them.

    By the way, can't understand why they keep the Jackal while deleting air defense rocket launcher.

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