December 2, 2022

25 thoughts on “5 Mistakes Most Builders Make in Fortnite! – Advanced Tips

  1. You helped me so much because I make these mistakes so often and I didn't even realize that I was holding myself back and struggling with all sorts of problems that are easily preventable! thank you! watching this entire video was such a relief and that outro commentary was perfectly executed! I really needed to hear that and you were the perfect person to speak about these situations

  2. Great players piece control with great angles and its impossible to shoot them when they are focused. you dont need to expose yourself when piecing… ever…. you just take what you can through windows and peanutbutters while staying out of LOS. It is what differentiates great players from average………

  3. I have this problem where I'm really good at piece control and box my opponents but then I can't finish the kill. I miss a shot or edit or something and most of the time it leads me to die. I box my friends up easily but then they win most of the fights because of this problem. I'm gonna try to not finish piece control and focus on finishing the kill for now.

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