July 3, 2022

38 thoughts on “20 SECRETS: *NEW* Evolution Collection Event Trailer BREAKDOWN! Apex Legends

  1. I'm such an idiot.

    Made a whole video breaking down the trailer because they used to release the trailer well before the Patch Notes….but apparently they release them at the same time now, what a wasted video of me looking like a fool

  2. Rampart shot the targets because they have this female character on it and that is big sister and on ramparts sfto, big sister was the woman with the Lon red hair and mask that burned down ramparts old shop. And you can see the long hair on the female character of the targets. So rampart has some beef with big sister, and I think apex added rampart shooting the big sister target to the trailer show their conflict

  3. Check the patch notes for rampart buff. She has 1 mag, the charge up time is increased and she can place it down any time. Not sure if she can just pick it back up after she placed it down though…

  4. Fairly certain those a gumballs in the heirloom btw! (as the animation shown is Rampart bumpin' one into her mouth! that and she's known for her gum chewin'), also minor thing but you misgenderd bh at 0:34 (bh is nonbinary and uses they/them not he/him or he/they as stated by the devs).

  5. Umm the blood trail is about a prowler (as it seems) and I’d like to point out that blood actually does stick in surfaces (I don’t think it’s always but it does happen)

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