December 9, 2022

Fortnite’s SWEATIEST Skin Combos In Season 2!
In Today’s #Fortnite video we look at the Best Fortnite Combos In The New Fortnite Season, Chapter 3 Season 2! What Is Your Favourite Combo?

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40 thoughts on “20 Most TRYHARD Combos In Fortnite Season 2

  1. I gotta put two of my combos on here

    Skin: Recon Ranger
    Back bling: None
    Pickaxe: ice breaker
    Glider: gun brella
    Wrap:Carbon and gold

    Second one

    Skin: Fashion Banshee
    Back bling: None
    Pickaxe: Driver
    Glider: gun brella
    Wrap:Carbon and gold

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