July 4, 2022

10 Clash of Clans Problems That NO LONGER Exist – Havoc Gaming
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Today we’re gonna be discussing 10 Clash of Clans Problems That NO LONGER Exist, yes, COC Problems that we no longer have to deal with.

17 Things ONLY Clash of Clans OG’s Remember!

I tried Clash Royale “Gem Generators” so you don’t have to

10 Things…

31 thoughts on “10 Clash of Clans Problems That NO LONGER Exist

  1. Some of you may remember me uploading a video very similar to this, last summer. (Not the CR one) Due to copyright issues though, I had to mute a huge portion of that video, so I just ended up making it private. i hope it’s not a huge deal, I assume most watching today didn’t see the old one, if so, my apologies. I don’t like repeating content but I make exceptions sometimes and this seemed like a good reason to remake the video, which btw has a completely original script. couple of ideas are the same but overall, completely different video. I hope you all enjoy!

  2. I rewatching oj coc account and I noticed that the heroes can't sleep there's no button for your heroes to sleep explain to me what the heck happened

  3. I remember upgrading my Town hall to 9, thinking "damn, im gonna have to pay gold to refill x-bow ammo???" then clash of clans removed that feature a few months later…

  4. Dude i love u videos… I laughed so hard because i am at the moment on a trophy Push mission and it is sooo freaking hard.. And seeing this video, where you had the exact same problems make me feel happy again… i am at Town hall level 10 with 50% maxed out and trying to get to champion 3…. Only enemys with maxed th 11 or 12, i 3 star them, i get 7 trophies, they 3 star me, in, lose like 40 trophies…

  5. About the troll donations:
    On the French CoC server, there was a suggestion "event", we had to submit our suggestion for future updates in the game, and people had to vote for the suggestions. The 10 most voted suggestions would be submitted to Supercell.
    My suggestion was to add the possibility to select the troops we want when we request troops, and people could not donate other troops than the ones we requested. I was surprised to see that it had finished in the top 10 of the most voted suggestion, so it has been submitted to the CoC team.
    And guess what was added in the update after that ? Exactly what I suggested. So I can technically say that I have contributed to a CoC update.

  6. The only problem I had back then was being TH9 then coming across a guy who's also TH9 but has literally every building level 1, and he doesn't even have all the buildings, just the basic ones from the tutorials. I would be then forced to queue again for 10mins. What a sad time.

  7. I really remember back then when i was thinking that do all legend player need HOURS to making troop for a single attack or they just wasting their own gems. I wonder how they got 6000more legend points in a season.

  8. Hey havoc, have you ever seen a draw on a builder village battle. I literally have the match and screenshot to prove it. like this if youve never made one about it n ill DM you the picture on some social media platform

  9. So busy recycling old content you have stopped seeing whats new and just watch your own old videos. Now we can refill our own clan castle with clan capital resources

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