December 5, 2022

32 thoughts on “1 Pro vs 2 Players at EVERY RANK in Apex Legends

  1. 6:11 couldn’t be more true 👏🏽👏🏽 hating on phase 4.Fo/FAM is seriously redundant at this point! Not to mention tiring. Just watch, once phases 5,6 and 7 start up people will look back on phase 4 and say how it was their favorite phase or how “underrated” or “overhated” it was. Essentially the same crap they pulled with Andrew Garfield saying how he was their favorite Spider-Man, as if they weren’t the very same people people who claimed that he was the worst-

    [  ] [v] [  ] Apologies for the rant, this fandom gives me aa migraine sometimes ❤

  2. Was really enjoying this video up until about 13mins in give or take 5s. Like am I going crazy why was his reticle bouncing around inside his scope pulling towards each player. Can someone explain this ? Like my initial reaction was wait wtf he's cheating ? Kinda disappointed if he was makes the hole video kinda pointless

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